Measure the width of three points for your wall-to-wall shower room.

· Width of the Top: Height as the shower door you are looking for.

· Width of the Middle

· Width of the Bottom

If the wall is not vertical, the measurement results of the three points are inconsistent. We will determine your shower door width based on the smallest size.

If the difference is more than 1 inch, you will need professional advice from your contractor.

If your in-line shower room has a threshold, we need to know the width of the threshold.

We have different requirements for the width of the threshold:
· Swing Door requires a width greater than 3 inches.
· Sliding Door requires a width greater than 4 inches.

For a 90-degree shower room, in addition to knowing the width of the threshold, we also need to know the centerline length, inner length and outer length of the threshold on both sides.

We have different requirements for the width of the threshold:
· Swing Door requires a width greater than 3 inches.
· Sliding Door requires a width greater than 4 inches.

If your shower room wall is tiled and it doesn't cover the entire wall. please measure its height

In case the tiles were not tall enough, it will cause:

1. The shower door to be unable to be installed because of the gap.

2. The shower door is higher than the tile and affects the appearance. 

We need to find out these issues before our guests buy and install the shower door, as it requires a professional contractor to decide if it can be fixed.