4 Types of Glass Shower Doors

It’s no secret that your shower and bathtub are wet, messy areas of your bathroom. You can try containing the moisture with a shower curtain, but over time, it can get gross and require regular replacements. Instead, why not consider a glass shower door? At APlus Kitchen & Bath, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of bathroom shower doors in Southern California. Keep reading to learn about the four popular types we offer, then contact us to find out how to order.

Swing shower door

Swing Door

One of the most popular glass shower door options is the swing door. This type opens like a traditional door on a hinge. It’s ideal for smaller spaces because it doesn’t have much width. Before choosing a swing door, make sure your bathroom has enough space for the door to fully open.

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Splash Guard

Splash Guard

If you’re working with limited room or prefer a minimalistic look, a splash guard is the best type of shower door to install. The glass panel provides just the right amount of coverage to prevent your floors from getting wet without closing off your shower completely.

Bathtub shower door

Bathtub Door

For bathrooms with a bathtub and shower combo, a bathtub door is best suited for your space. This type functions as a sliding door and easily installs along the edge of the bathtub’s rim. At APlus Kitchen & Bath, we have several different bathtub door styles to bring any bathroom look together.

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Slider shower door

Slider Door

Sliding shower doors are a great choice if you’re working with a smaller bathroom yet want to ensure all your shower’s moisture remains contained. You can choose a single slider, which is frameless and only slides open and closed from one side. There are also double sliders, which are framed or frameless and can slide from both sides.

When you’re looking for the best shower doors in Southern California, look no further than APlus Kitchen & Bath. We have a wide selection of glass doors to suit any bathtub or shower, so browse our collection to shop today!

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